About the Consultation

Consultation Aims:

Together we aim to make a  thorough analysis of your current food intake, lifestyle and other factors.  We examine the relationship between diet and health.

We try to identify what elements may be contributing to your symptoms and ill-health and to search for the cause of the main concern for attending the Nutritonal Therapist Consultation.

The recommendations provided will consider each client’s individual requirements.

 Patient Centred Advice is given on a number of points including:-

  • Promoting general health
  • Supporting digestion and absorption
  • Avoidance of allergens
  • Supplementary nutrients if required.


1 hour for the Consultation costs €120

30 minutes for a follow up session €50

This is usually after a 4 to 6 weeks to assess the progress and make changes if required.

A package of a Consultation with 2 follow up meetings €200










Personalized Programme

I describe myself as a Health Detective and I look for the source of the Health Issue and look to provide you with a Solution

You will receive an individualised diet and lifestyle programme, using foods and specific nutrients as appropriate to help you achieve your optimal health, energy levels and feeling of wellbeing.

What else?

The Nutritional Therapist may then recommend further laboratory tests to determine levels of nutrients, hormones or possible food allergies or intolerances

Embrace the Healing Power of Good Food

Our location

Adare Health Foods and Wellness Centre,
Station Road,
Co. Limerick