SWAMI Genotype Nutrition

Your Ultimate Personalized Diet
SWAMI Xpress is the most custom-tailored diet that science and technology
can create which can be change easily and updated.


You can create a menu plan to address target your specific health complaints


I take several simple body meaurements, your Blood type & Rheusus Factor.
I can test for your particular A B or O Blood Type & Rhesus Factor in minutes.
Knowledge of your Secretor Status is beneficial. This test needs to be
processed in a laboratory.


Watch the new SWAMI Xpress video:

Introducing SWAMI Xpress®
Realize the promise of Personalized Nutrition with Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s
new computer software program. SWAMI Xpress generates a completely
individualized diet plan just for you.

New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Peter D’Adamo, has combined the
power of computers with his encyclopedic knowledge of biochemical
individuality to produce the ultimate diet software program.

SWAMI Xpress, the consumer version of Dr. D’Adamo’s famous SWAMI
GenoType program used for over two years at the D’Adamo Clinic, is a
sophisticated collection of diet analysis and reporting software written by
Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a world-renowned expert in nutrition and genomics,
who developed The Blood Type Diet and The GenoType Diet Systems.

Now his SWAMI Xpress enables you to generate an estimated 50-page
personalized dietary report out of your printer after 12,600,000 individual

SWAMI Xpress® Benefits:

Imagine walking into your local bookshop, picking up a popular diet book,
and watching it miraculously write itself for you in front of your very eyes!
That’s the power of SWAMI Xpress. Unlike static, unchangeable, one-sizefits-
all diet books, SWAMI Xpress will use your own health profile to build
a dynamic, one of a kind diet book that is right for you.


I can print out a beautiful, personalized diet plan, categorized by food types
with lists for superfoods, neutrals, and best avoided. You also will find
Geno Harmonic Foods, unique combination of certain foods which
when consumed at the same meal will yield the maximum epigenetic
As a bonus, you will receive free access to Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s unique 
Meal Planner and Cookbook Creator software, which will allow you to 
create individualized weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and a personalized 
cookbook containing recipes that perfectly match your diet!

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