The GenoType Diet ®
The Power to Change Your Genetic Destiny
Dr. D’Adamo researched the role of nutrition and its relationship to your genes, found that the emerging science of epigenetics plays a tremendous role in health and well-being.
Your genes are not a fixed set of pre-programmed instructions. They are a dynamic, active part of your life, responding every single day to your environment, your history, and your diet.


In his research, Dr. D’Adamo found that there are Six Genetic GenoTypes.  
Hunter,   Hunter Genotype
 Gatherer,Gatherer Genotype
 Teacher, Teacher Genotype
 Explorer,Explorer Genotype
 Warrior, Warrior Genotype
 Nomad.  Nomad Genotype


He has constructed comprehensive food and lifestyle guidelines for each GenoType. By following your specific program, you will be choosing foods that can dramatically improve your chances for improved health, vitality and happiness.


This ability to change your genetic expression is called epigenetics, and this relates to approximately 80% of our genetic inheritance. Although you may not influence the colour of your eyes, you can influence your susceptibility to disease, weight gain, and stress related conditions by eating appropriately for your GenoType.


Move from the world of single genes such as blood type and secretor status to a new world of possibilities—the ability to use nutrition to improve your genetic function using Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s latest research.


Now it’s time for you to get started!
Step One: Discover Your GenoType
I can use the GenoTyping Kit which will determine your GenoType in about an hour.
You can identify which of the six GenoType profiles you are
Hunter, Gatherer, Teacher, Explorer, Warrior, Nomad.
I will take various body measurements, and examine fingerprints patterns, and taster status. 
It has as its prime goal the fostering of research in the in the expanding area of human nutrigenomics and epigenetics


Step Two

 Refining your food choices using the Fantastic easy to use new App

By following your specific program, you will be choosing foods that can dramatically improve your chances for improved health, vitality and happiness.
Step Three
Add supplements that are optimized for your GenoType—the Activator and the Catalyst.
I will recommend if you need to include one of the Probiotics or Oil Formulas (Fish Oil Formula, Flaxseed Oil Formula, or CLA Formula), which are designed to support each of the GenoTypes and are also blood type compatible.


Dr. D’Adamo explores how you can change the way your genes are expressed in the same way you can affect light in a room by turning a switch on or off. He explains how a host of environmental factors, including diet, allow you to change your genetic expression.


Your health risks, weight, and life span can all be improved when you follow your GenoType program. A 1 hour 30 minute consultation will cost €250 
 With Change Your Genetic Destiny: The Revolution Health Care System Dr. D’Adamo examines how the GenoType evolved, what their predisposition is for weight loss or gain, immune function, disease propensity, and a unique and comprehensive diet, exercise and lifestyle profile tailored to fit their type.

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